Plastic palcemat Small diamond shape

Plastic palcemat Small diamond shape Plastic palcemat Small diamond shape Plastic palcemat Small diamond shape

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Stylish placemats would be a good decoration and life quality of your home,dining hall, kitchen,hotel and business office.

Product Details:

Specifiactions: 30x45cm

Packing Quantity: 1hangtag/pc,12pcs/opp bag,144pcs/ctn

Application: living room,household,office,hotel,school,cafe,church


Character: Water-proof,anti-skid,heat resistant,flame-retardant,environmental friendly,elegant.

Easy to clean: Simply wipe with soap, water and a soft sponge or cloth. Scrub stubborn stains with a soft bristle-brush and a bleach-based cleanser.

Zhejiang Textilene Industry Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional custom Plastic palcemat Small diamond shape manufacturers and OEM/ODM Plastic palcemat Small diamond shape suppliers, specializing in the development of textiles. Textilene selects high-strength polyester industrial filament as the inner core and fully environmentally-friendly anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet radiation PVC as coating jacket, which go through polishing, cooling and other processes and then become smooth, waterproof, wear-resistance and environmentally-friendly textilene eventually. Every process of the product is carried out in strict accordance with the international environmental protection requirements. In addition, the company has passed BSCI certification.


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What is Plastic palcemat Small diamond shape

A plastic placemat with a small diamond shape refers to a placemat made from plastic material and designed with a small diamond pattern. Placemats are typically used to protect and decorate dining tables or other surfaces during meals. They can come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different preferences and styles. In the case of a plastic placemat with a small diamond shape, it means that the overall shape of the placemat is diamond-shaped, and there is a pattern of small diamonds incorporated into its design. This pattern could be created through embossing, printing, or any other method used to add visual interest to the placemat's surface.

Advantage of Plastic palcemat Small diamond shape

The advantages of a plastic placemat with a small diamond shape can include:
1. Visual Appeal: The small diamond pattern adds a decorative element to your dining table or surface, enhancing its overall appearance. It can bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dining experience.
2. Easy to Clean: Plastic placemats are typically easy to clean and maintain. Spills and stains can be wiped away with a damp cloth or sponge, making it convenient for everyday use.
3. Protection: Placemats act as a protective barrier between your table or surface and hot plates, sharp utensils, and spills. The plastic material can help prevent damage from heat, scratches, and stains, keeping your table in good condition.
4. Durability: Plastic placemats are known for their durability. They are resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for frequent use. The plastic material is less likely to rip or tear compared to other materials like fabric or paper.
5. Versatility: Plastic placemats are available in various colors, patterns, and shapes, including the small diamond shape. This allows you to choose a placemat that complements your table setting and personal style.
6. Cost-effective: Plastic placemats are generally more affordable compared to placemats made from other materials. This makes them a budget-friendly option for individuals or families looking for an inexpensive way to enhance their dining experience.
Remember that the advantages mentioned above specifically apply to plastic placemats with a small diamond shape, but there are other types of placemats available in the market that may offer different benefits based on their design and material.
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