Removable waste paper basket kitchen garbage can

Removable waste paper basket kitchen garbage can

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A kitchen trash can with a removable waste paper basket has many benefits, including its ability to keep paper towels from falling out and odors at bay. Its dent-proof plastic lid is also a great feature, as it won't show fingerprints when opened by hand. The lid closes gently with shocks, and the oversized rim prevents paper bags from slipping out.

Product Details:

Packing Quantity: 1hangtag/pc,12pcs/opp bag,144pcs/ctn

Application: living room,household,office,hotel,school,cafe,church

Character: Water-proof,anti-skid,heat resistant,flame-retardant,environmental friendly,elegant.

Easy to clean: Simply wipe with soap, water and a soft sponge or cloth. Scrub stubborn stains with a soft bristle-brush and a bleach-based cleanser.

Zhejiang Textilene Industry Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional custom Removable waste paper basket kitchen garbage can manufacturers and OEM/ODM Removable waste paper basket kitchen garbage can suppliers, specializing in the development of textiles. Textilene selects high-strength polyester industrial filament as the inner core and fully environmentally-friendly anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet radiation PVC as coating jacket, which go through polishing, cooling and other processes and then become smooth, waterproof, wear-resistance and environmentally-friendly textilene eventually. Every process of the product is carried out in strict accordance with the international environmental protection requirements. In addition, the company has passed BSCI certification.


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